Against the Wind

Against the Wind - Pedaling for a pint from Japan to Ireland

What in the name of God are you thinking Yazel?
Yasuyuki Ozeki had a dream - to cycle from Japan to Ireland, alone, through the Eurasian continent. He was acutely aware of and fascinated by the gap that lay in between these two countries. The only way he would ever be able to understand that gap was to kick down the distance by bike. But his dream grew to more than he could ever have imagined. And after an interview on The Gerry Ryan Show everybody wanted to be part of that dream.
Large companies from the multinational giant Guinness to the Japanese tyre manufacturer Bridgestone backed him up while people throughout every country encouraged him and befriended him. The journey was at times gruelling and dangerous while at others uplifting and wondrous. Pedalling swiftly but always against the wind, he arrived at the Guinness Hopstore five months later.
In the style of Michael Palin Yas tells the story of his journey, a story that is enthralling and colourful, at times frightening but always exciting.
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The Book

This book covers Yaz's pedalling adventure from Japan to Ireland just for a pint of Guinness, on 1998. The book will be published from Poolbeg Press and will be available nationwide in Ireland this September.

Bridgestone Ireland, the official sponsor

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