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Hike Japan

Hike Japan tour brochure

Bob Heffill, reputed translator including his contribution to "Against the Wind", manages and operates quite unique guided walking holidays in Japan; Hike Japan.
Established in 2003, Hike Japan is a independent tour operator, specializing in guided walking holidays and tailor-made tours for individuals and small groups. Covering Japan from the island of Yakushima south of Kyushu, to the Kii and Hida mountain ranges in Central Japan, and the remote Shiretoko Peninsula in Hokkaido, the routes have all been meticulously researched and the itineraries continuously improved. The tours feature nine of the thirteen UNESCO World Heritage natural and cultural sites listed in Japan.
The tours are all led by a fluent Japanese-speaking British guide who, over thirty years, has gained an intimate knowledge of the country. Local professional guides also work with Hike Japan, and our Japanese friends are always happy to join us whenever they can.
The tours are for the naturally active and adventurous. Accommodation in the countryside is usually in traditional ryokan, family-run minshuku, Buddhist temples, and mountain lodges. 'Going Japanese' means being served delicious, freshly prepared, seasonal food, and of course enjoying amazing natural hot spring baths - onsen - and sleeping on futon. The aim is to have fun whilst discovering something of the essence of what makes Japan such a wonderful country.

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