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7 Peaks in 7 Weeks Tour Introduction

In 1998, Yaz cycled from Japan to Ireland over the Eurasian conthenent, for a pint of Guinness (Pedal Power to Ireland)*. The closer he got to Guinness (Dublin), the narrower his Internal gap between Japan (himself) and Ireland became. When he arrived in Dublin, he thought his Guinness pint had been completed. But from today’s point of view, it was not completed; to make a decent pint, you need to follow three steps. He only made the first main part by pedalling through the continent. During years in Denmark, he was watching and enjoying the pint settling down. And now he thinks he is ready to complete the last top part with smiling creamy head.
Pouring method is as follows;
As you might know, one of the dreams of world class climbers is to conquer the highest peaks on 7 continents. He, of course, can not dream of that or do not dare to dream of that, therefore his actual execution would be: Cycling around Ireland and climbing up Ireland’s 7 highest peaks with his bike strapped to his back; 7 Peaks In 7 weeks.

A quote from the Mirror, September.12, 1998;
…And the man he describes as his “Irish Dad”, Dubliner Gene Kavanagh from Sandycove, stood the first round…….”Yasu challenged himself to the bike trip, but then again he would do just about anything for a laugh. He’s a great sport.”

*For further Information on the previous project, please refer to his web site; www.pedalpower.dk

7 Peaks

Hereunder is the list of 7 Peaks Yaz will climb up.

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