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    Try to find out where this photo was taken!!!

“Shit!” I muttered, straining away and right on cue again, another puncture. Today it was the front tyre. Busy days these. Repaired the tyre in a gale. This was miserable. I hardly merited the attention, but about ten people, drivers, motorcyclists and cyclists had gathered and surrounded me. They looked at me with great delight and were laughing. All I wanted to do was to tell them to leave me alone. Just then a man of about thirty tapped me on the shoulder, shaking his hands saying that I was ‘Doing it wrong. Doing it wrong!’ I told him if he was so smart, he should do it. I handed him the wheel and, hey presto, he did it! This was truly a kingdom for cyclists. Any passer-by could probably run a successful bike repair business if they put their mind to it. Amazed at his speed and dexterity, I shook his hand and gave him a hug. Thanks a lot! Master! (from "Against the Wind" - Poolbeg Press)

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