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    Try to find out where this photo was taken!!!

I had a wonderful encounter at lunch-time in a restaurant. Eating simmered mutton (I was in Mongolia now!) and dumplings, I chatted with the owner and his friends and family. I told them that five yen coins were supposed to be lucky in Japan, and that I had offered one to Shikoku, one of the boys staying there. In return I had received one of the rosaries he held. They said that it was a happy charm in China too. (From this day on I made sure I wore the bracelet, although I had no idea just how beneficial the braceletís power would be.) There was a great atmosphere ? we looked at each otherís photos, they rode my bike and I let them sign my helmet. These were to be the first and last signatures in China.(from "Against the Wind" - Poolbeg Press)

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