(There didnít seem to be anyone waiting for me!)
It wasnít asking too much to expect someone to turn up, was it? Perhaps it would be Colm from Bridgestone or a member of staff from the Gerry Ryan Show? They had promised they would. Confident that someone would be there, I emerged from the car deck and stood on Irish ground at last. Looking around there wasnít a soul to be seen. I thought that they might be out of sight behind one of the nearby containers so I went and had a look. There was no one there either. What had happened? Having pedalled so far, I was quite naturally saddened at the prospect. I felt wretched but at least both feet were on Irish soil. That was the single most important thing, I decided, as I stamped down on the ground repeatedly with both feet. It might have been asphalt, but I kicked and kicked, my head in the clouds. (from "Against the Wind" - Poolbeg Press)

The photos

Ireland! First pint 2years waiting 7th pint Greystone morning The Gerry Ryan Show from the arrival Drunken pedalling The Target Mother and aunt Willy and Gerry Alva Gerry and me CNCF Dublin Mr.Campbell BFE-Ireland

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