Right foot down. . .the first push of the pedal. . . left foot down . . . the second push . . .three, four, five, six, seven . . . How many times would the pedals turn between here and Dublin? Such thoughts made my head swim and although I couldn’t help but have them, if I was going to end up lost and bewildered, then it would be better to turn back immediately. There was really nothing for it but to go with the flow,further! (from "Against the Wind" - Poolbeg Press)

The photos

Tienjing Roadside Restaurant ChineseTransport Beijing Hospital Jo san Mr&Mrs O'Clery Irish Embassy Beijing BeijingTaxi RoadsideBreakfast Puncture Master ShinchanBarbeque TwoTree Red Ground Mountain Road and Sky Jining Road Restaurant Gas Car Field and RB1 Field and Tent Track and Me Shepard Inner Mongolian Stars First and Last Fried Rice

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